I grew up in Japan and moved to Thailand as half Japanese and Thai and YouTube channel "TJ Channel".
Six years have passed since we started our video distribution activities through "Thailand".
from the capital like Bangkok with progressive development every day to the countryside where people live a slow, traditional lifestyle. What I feel while traveling around Thailand is the presence of many Japanese and Thai people who more interested in Japan
under such circumstances We therefore established TNJC CO., LTD. with the desire to provide services that benefit both Japan and Thailand. "Let's create a company that makes both Japan and Thailand smile."

Originally, Thailand was a market centered on the industry. and the tourism industry but not long ago Has changed to an era where
startups in various industries Born from the overview of "creator's economy" due to the establishment of the Internet and SNS .

We have always had a clear vision in the modern era when it comes to diversity. And we want to play a part in building Japan and Thailand in the future. while applying new concepts and knowledge necessary for the changing era.

CEO/CEO Yusuke Tajima
relationship of smiles Connecting Thai-Japanese
open the door to a new world
The Land of Smiles is waiting for
Company name
Yusuke Tajima
47/2 Moo1, Huai Phra Subdistrict,
Don Tum District, Nakhon Pathom Province 73150
Year of establishment
January 2022
2,000,000 baht

CONTACT Please contact us if interested. And have questions or inquiries about marketing or others in Thailand and Japan